Recent projects we have completed here at Chico Sunrise Rotary are highlighted below.

McManus Reading Area

During 2015 and 2016, Rotarians worked extensively on the McManus Elementary Reading Area. The area includes reading tables and benches above a paver patio with inspirational murals by Marty Parker on both sides of the patio. 

2013-14 accomplishments:

  • Literacy
    • Dictionaries were distributed to all 3rd graders in Chico
    • Books donated to Boys & Girls Club
      • Reading with children along with a barbecue
    • We continued our relationship with McManus School
      • Millionaire Readers Club
      • Top Reading Class – Purchased Flags for Upper Grade Level and Lower Grade Level to fly
      • Mural was completed and celebrated
      • Library books were cataloged over two library work days
  • International
    • Purchase of bikes for children in Vietnam
  • Fundraiser
    • Utilizing a caterer allowed members to spend more time with their guests – a request that had been made for a few years.
  • Community
    • Camp Royal
    • Scholarships
    • Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs
    • Kits for Police Officers
    • Habitat for Humanity-Home repair
    • Salvation Army Blitz Build – Meals served for a day
    • Became the new sponsors of the Chico Observatory
    • Salvation Army Bell Ringing
  • Rotary Foundation
    • 100% Paul Harris Fellow


January 29, 2011 Nite at the Races

This event was a complete success with food and fun. The horses were running, the bingo was on and black jack was hitting big. This event provides us the funds to help with literacy in Chico and abroad as well as other projects we undertake.

December 10th and 16th 2010 - Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Once again, club members will support the Salvation Army by collecting money at the Downtown Chico corners in front of Zuccini & Vine and Starbucks. Bring your hat, gloves and spare change to support those in need.

December 2010 Panama - Ipeti-Chacoe Water Project

Chico Sunrise Rotary and the Rotary Club of Panama Sur will jointly fund the materials and supplies necessary to restore and improve the potable water delivery system in a small community (525 inhabitants) located in eastern Panama. The citizens of the area, under the supervision of an oversight committee and an acting contractor, will provide all labor. The project will commence in late November of 2010 and conclude by January 31, 2011. A collection and intake site will be prepared, an existing storage cistern will be re-activated, and 220 sections of PVC pipeline will be laid, totaling approximately 5,000 feet. This will allow for repair and extension of the system, which has a length of 6 kilometers overall.

Group Study Exchange/Polio Plus

This year's GSE was from East Africa. While we were unable to host our guests, many members did enjoy dinner and quality time with the team at the Durham Club.

Youth Exchange

Elizabeth Growdon

  • 2013-14 Marc Meyer visited from Switzerland.

In 2012/2013, Lacy Christopher from PV High will be our outbound student.

Elizabeth Growdon is our outbound student for 2011-2012. She visited our club in July before heading to Brazil for the year.

Julien Paques arrived in Chico from Belgium in early August. He will be joining our club and experiencing Chico during 2011-2012.

In 2010-2011, the club hosted Mirjam Casanova from Switzerland.  Mirjam's year in Chico included multiple host families and visited various California sited during her stay. Aubrey Stanley was our outbound 2010-2011 student. She experienced France during the year for a great memorable experience.

In 2009-2010 the club is hosting Azusa Yoshioka from Japan. We have kept in touch with Azusa as the Earthquakes and tsunami's hit the region, where she was unhurt by the disaster. Stephanie Bowers from Chico High was our outbound student who went to Chile.

In 2008-2009, the club sponsored Jillian Leach's outbound exchange to Columbia. This was the first exchange to that country in 40 years. According to Jillian, it was an experience of a lifetimeAlso in 08-09, the club hosted Kim Champion of France. She was treated to many travels while here and has returned to her homeland. The connections she made while here have changed her so much, she looks forward to returning in the future.

In 2007-2008, Priam Roberts from Durham High went to Chile.

In 2006-2007, Adrienne Carlson from Pleasant Valley went to France.

In 2005-2006, Kayla Mahoney of Chico High went to Peru

In 2004-2005, Erika Parker of Mercy High went to France

June 2009: Hooked on Fishing

We assisted the event by manning the fish cleaning station (8 hours worth), parking, tractor driving and general fishing assistance on the shores of the lake.


May 2009: Bike Day with Sunshine Kids Club

Rotarians came out to help the kids enjoy Chico Bike Day 2009. These children are disabled and don't have the opportunity to ride like most others. We also provided two recumbent bicycles for the kids. These bikes will be loaned out to club members so that families can enjoy bike rides throughout the year.

Feb 2009: Dictionary Project

Once again, Sunrise Rotary has provided a dictionary to every third grader in the Chico area.

The dictionaries are just right for a third grader to take home and use for their elementary school years.

January: 2009: Nite at the Races

To fund our projects, we host an evening of food, drinks and fun where we wager on horses, test our luck at the tables, and have a great time with each others and a few hundred of our closest friends.

December 2008: Salvation Army Bell Ringing

During the holiday season, Sunrise Rotarians man two location in downtown Chico. On the corners at Zucchini & Vine and at Starbucks, we help collect money for the needy in our community.